Update June 3rd 2021

2 June, 2021

(This is a picture of me and a few village security members. They are volunteer unpaid men who vow to protect their communities and do so on their spare time and dime. The local government does not arm them, so they use homemade shotguns)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I wanted to reach out to you to give you a quick update on our progress in Nigeria. Because of the nature of work in Nigeria, we cannot disclose many of our developments publicly. I can tell you that our ministry is expanding rapidly. We have set some lofty goals for 2021.

First, we are ramping up our aid/medical interventions. We are coordinating with local medical teams to provide more medical visits to villages and IDP camps. Each one of these visits costs about $1000. That is the cost of purchasing medicine, medical supplies, and providing transportation costs to the medical team. Our food/sanitary interventions on average cost about $1500 per visit. This is the bare minimum that provides food for one camp for a week.

Second, we are working on putting together a container to ship supplies from the U.S. to Nigeria. One of the things that we are working on, is building alarm systems (sirens) that we can install in vulnerable villages to warn of incoming attacks. The cost per unit is $7000. This includes the sirens, the push button mechanism, solar panels and batteries. After talking with local village leaders and pastors, they all agreed that this is something needed ASAP. We have 5 villages chosen for the first round.

Third, We met with several widows and we have set up a network so they can communicate with one another and help each other out. We have been providing monthly support for widows of pastors who were killed by terrorists. We would like to increase that giving. If this is something you want to help with, please send an email along with your donation to make sure it is applied towards the widows.

Fourth, There are other developments that I cannot discuss because it would jeopardize the safety of some of our team members. Every time our team goes out to coordinate relief efforts, they put their lives at risk. One of our biggest needs right now is a bullet proof vehicle for our team. The cost for the right vehicle is $110,000. Our team has already been shot at while driving. By the grace of God, no one has been killed. But damage has been done to their vehicles.

Despite the threats, we are dedicated to helping the persecuted, sharing the gospel with the lost, and rebuilding the destroyed churches in Nigeria.

I would like to ask if you would PLEASE consider being a monthly supporter of our mission both financially and in prayer.

You can donate online by visiting our website @ www.EquippingThePersecuted.org/donate

Click this link to view our new ministry video: https://youtu.be/S0ztIcikpBc

In Christ,

Judd Saul

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 319-504-1771

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