Who we are

Our goal is to protect, rebuild, and strengthen families in both body and spirit. 

Our Mission

The mission of Equipping the Persecuted is as the name states: to equip our brothers and sisters in any way we can. People in Nigeria are suffering at the hand of terrorists for their faith in Jesus. Sadly, very little is being done to create a lasting solution. That’s where we step in. Our goal is to protect, rebuild, and strengthen families in both body and spirit. We are prepared with the resources necessary to respond after an attack within 24 hours. We provide medical aid, food, and a team to pray and comfort victims.

Impactful Programs

Discover the impactful programs we’re creating to support and uplift communities in need. Explore how we’re making a difference and how you can be a part of our mission.

IDP Support:

Donations during 2021 gave us the ability to perform 11 medical interventions, 25 supplies (food, clothes, blankets, sleeping foams) and fertilizer deliveries, provide 3 water wells, and gift 1 Christmas cow to IDP camps within the reach of our team.  


Widows Ministry:

The Bible calls us to take care of those in need, especially Christian widows and orphans. Our ministry has been able to contribute to the monthly support of over 100 widows of murdered pastors and police officers in Nigeria. 


Village Security Teams Ministry:

We as a ministry have come alongside brave men and women who volunteer to protect their local villages by providing them with awareness training and equipment, such as protective vests and radios. Village-wide alarm systems are also installed to alert the residents of approaching threats. As a team, we installed 7 of these systems in 2021.  

Building Projects :

We began the construction of two campuses in 2021. The first project (which is scheduled to be completed in October of this year) is FOUNTAIN OF HOPE CHILDREN’S HOME. The orphanage will be equipped to house over 100 children who have been orphaned by Islamic terrorists. Second, we began the construction of a school building near an IDP camp (pictured), where over 100 students have now been given the opportunity to learn and grow in a safer environment.  

Did you know?

Equipping The Persecuted runs its operations as Equipping The Needy Initiative, which is a registered, Nigerian NGO. 

Support Our Mission in Nigeria

From supplying necessities and enhancing village security to reporting the truth to prevent attacks, we’re taking action in Nigeria. Your monthly donation fosters sustainable hope and helps save and restore lives.
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